About Helen

Helen Fernald

Helen Fernald, inspirational writer, teacher, and photographer, is grateful for the opportunity to share the beauty of Lake Winnipesaukee. For the past few years, Helen has ventured out early each morning to be by the water’s edge, capturing the beauty of the sunrise and being inspired by the solitude and magnificence.
Helen treasures each day as a gift. She is pleased to share her photos, blessings, and inspirational messages, locally and through social media. Her desire is to create a foundation of HOPE, using her photos and messages to encourage people in hospitals, treatment centers, shelters, and prisons. For now, she wishes you a year of feeling blessed and uplifted by the splendor and varying moods of Lake Winnipesaukee.

To enjoy Helen Fernald’s daily messages, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Her Facebook page Your Joy Guru is one of the most positive sites on social media.

Additional calendars are available here on Helen’s website:  https://helenfernald.com
Two different calendars are available for 2020, Wolfeboro Blessings and Lake Winnipesaukee.