2022 Calendars are here!

Now available at Black’s, Butternuts Good Dishes, The Country Bookseller and The Libby Museum, The Alton Country Store, The Country Store–NH in Tilton, Gilford Country Store, Compass Cafe in Laconia, and Dave’s Motorboat Shoppe of Gilford.

Or you can order them from Helen online, right here!

Lake Winnipesaukee 2022 Calendar

Wolfeboro Blessings 2022 Calendar

Combining poetry, music and nature photography, this video will uplift your soul. Commissioned by Helen Fernald, NH photographer, in memory of her brother, Ohio poet Charles S. Evans (1949-2020), this moving video reminds us to live kindly and gently.

Unknown to the World’s Gaze

A flower blossoms forth
Hidden from the eye
No one saw it bloom
No one sees it die

It blossoms for itself
Unfolding to the sun
It has no need of praise
And can survive with none

And shall we bloom on vacant paths
Unknown to the world’s gaze
If together we might grow
What need we then the world’s praise

Charles S. Evans

Helen Fernald, inspirational writer, teacher, and photographer, is honored to have offered the opening art exhibit at the newly renovated Wolfeboro Public Library. The Sights of Wolfeboro is a collection of photos, taken during Helen’s early morning time by the water as well as her daily walks, that capture the charm of Wolfeboro as well as the splendor and varying moods of Lake Winnipesaukee.   See the exhibit online here!

Sunrise Over Winnipesaukee poster is on display at Meredith Savings Bank in Wolfeboro and the Compass Cafe in Laconia. Poster is back in stock for order here.