July 14: Dear Mom

Helen's Mother
Lois L. Evans 8/18/1916-7/14/1992

Dear Mom

I miss you and I love you
Grateful for all you shared
Your love and understanding
Your hugs, supportive words
Your sparkly eyes and smiling face
Your courage and your cheer
Your spirit and resolve

You helped me be a woman
To love, have hope and faith
Be kind and self-reliant
Help others, give, and stay upbeat
Persist and show compassion
Laugh and listen, and reach out
Treasure every friendship
Hold loved ones in my heart

Forgive, support, go forth
Celebrate all others
Learn and understand
Trust that all is well
Walk quietly in nature
Seek beauty everywhere

You could not show me everything
Yet in your death, you taught me more

These are your newest gifts
From wherever you may be
Presents from your death
That teach me how to live
To finally face my grief
And hold it in my heart
Say goodbye to loved ones
Cry and share my pain

A mother’s love will never end
Now I understand
Thank you, Mom, for walking
Side by side with me
As I heal my heart
As I heal my soul

I am thankful for the gifts
What you could and could not give
Now I listen to your whispers
“I love you, sweetheart.
I am here.”

Helen Fernald

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