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My Christmas Prayer

O Lord, please help me
Let go of the pressure
Of the outer world
The shoulds, the musts
The urge to do
The busyness

Please help me sit
To breathe and listen
Listen for Your voice
Breathe in the silence
Just be
Not do, just be

Only then can I hear
Your loving, gentle voice
That guides me softly
To be Your shining light
Not from my actions
But from the peace in my heart

Let me extend Your love
To everyone on my path
Through a kind smile
A hug, a conversation
Through laughter
Patience, inward peace

Let me not be tempted
By the glamour of the world
But rather by the glow
Of Your pure radiance
The warmth of Your spirit
The softness of Your silence

Let me be that light
That warmth
That peace
Your spirit
Your love
Your joy


Helen Fernald

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