Our Final Mother’s Day Together—1992

Dear Mom,

I have been searching through old albums to find pictures for my visit with Aunt Helen, your younger sister. Since she is now 100 years ago, I always bring family photos to help her remember. While looking, I found our last picture together, taken on Mother’s Day in 1992. We were clearly having a great time together. Seeing us brought me a huge smile.

You asked if I would like you to come for my birthday that year, but I wanted to be with you on Mother’s Day. You drove all the way from Cleveland to Wolfeboro so we could celebrate. I will be forever grateful that you were willing to make the long drive so we could spend our special day together. Thank you!

You only stayed for three nights. I remember sitting with you at the kitchen table on Monday morning, before you headed back. The time always flew but we had one more hour to chat. I don’t remember what we discussed but I am sure we laughed.

After you drove off, I discovered that you had left your cane in the kitchen. I put it in the closet for your next visit, but there were no more. You died two months later. That cane is still in the corner of the downstairs closet—it was as though you left a little physical reminder of yourself. Just as the cane is tucked in that closet, you will always be tucked in the corner of my heart.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Thank you for being my mother, and for teaching me to always look for the good in people, and for the beauty and joy around me. I love you.


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